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First Day Under Saddle

Yesterday was Mojito’s first ride, and he did superbly. He walked and trotted in the outdoor ring like he’s been doing it his whole life.

How did we get him ready for his first ride?
Because we do not want to confuse him, we break down his training in baby steps. We introduce one simple concept at a time and make sure he understands it before starting a new lesson. Yesterday he learned that a gentle squeeze of the legs means “move forward”. We let him walk in the ring wherever he wanted, which he enjoyed very much. Today, his lesson will be the opening rein, where he will begin to learn about direction.

Remember, a safe first ride is a well prepared one. Throughout the week, we taught Mojito to be comfortable with weight on his back, a tight girth around his belly, things flapping around him, and many other things. Take the time to be thorough and you will save time in the long run, and it will keep you safe!

Izzy, who is helping train Mojito



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3 thoughts on “First Day Under Saddle

  1. Isabella on said:


    • Rosie Powers on said:

      Hey Im rosie i am 16 and go to the cambridge school of weston i have been riding horses for 13 years and would love to help you train mojito. from this pic it looks like he is a beautiful horse that is willing to please. Where is he stabled?

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