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New Herd

Mojito has new friends: Bosco and Jack. We moved Mojito from the round pen to a bigger field where he is now in a herd of 3 horses. You will often see kicking and biting between horses the first time they are introduced to each other. This is normal, as they are testing each other to establish a hierarchy within the herd. Once they have it figured out, things quiet down and most horses will get along fine.

Jack and Mojito, Photo by Anne Dykiel

Here are some tips when introducing a new horse to a herd:

  • Turn them out in a big space where they can get away from each other.
  • Avoid paddocks with square corners, as horses can get trapped and have no where to go if kicked by another horse.
  • Put on break-away halters. You will be able to catch your horses more easily if need be. If the halter gets caught on something, it will safely break instead of injuring your horse.
  • Exercise the horses before hand, especially the more dominant ones.
  • Introduce the horses to each other before hand. For example, you can put them out in adjacent paddocks.
Please leave a comment if you have any other tips to share!

Mojito Running, Photo by Anne Dykiel



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