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Sunday Horse Show

Last Sunday, Mojito went to his first horse show with his buddy from the barn, Ruby. He was ridden by Izzy who took on the job very well. It was a big deal for a little horse who has been under saddle for such a short time, less than two weeks. Usually we would never push a horse to do a dressage test this early, even one as simple as Into A. However, Mojito has been so responsive and light to leg aids that we figured that he was ready to execute the test, and even if he did not do it well, at least it would be a learning experience for him. He loaded perfectly into the trailer, and, when he got to the fairgrounds, expressed curiosity but not nervousness. As it is important to hand walk a horse in its new environment whenever you bring it to a new place, we walked him around, but he barely seemed to need it. He kept an eye out for Ruby, but that is all.

Under saddle, he was just as focused and obedient as he has been at home, which is unusual. He did the test as perfectly as he could, and got a 58% and fifth place, which is remarkable for a horse of his training level. The next step will be to get him to engage and use his back a little more – he is already accepting contact very well. Overall, this little horse had a very exciting Sunday and blew all of us away with his behavior! He definitely has earned Monday off.

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One thought on “Sunday Horse Show

  1. Laurene Hummer on said:

    I love this photo of Mojito in the show!!! He is a beautiful mover.

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