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5 Ways to Know if You Have Lyme Disease

Being around horses probably means you are around ticks too, which can transmit Lyme disease. The good news is, the probability of getting Lyme is relatively low. The bad news is, it can happen and it should be treated. (It did to me)

5 Signs and Symptoms of Lyme Disease
1) There may be a bull’s eyes rash where the tick bit you
2) Light-headedness and general ill feeling
3) Tingling sensations
4) Mood changes and altered mental status
5) Feeling of detachment

You’re probably thinking these symptoms are not very specific. You’re right. This makes Lyme disease difficult to diagnose, as it can be confused with various other diseases or conditions. If in doubt, a simple blood test can give you peace of mind. If diagnosed with Lyme, your doc will most likely prescribe you some antibiotics that will take care of it.

What about horses? It can be extremely difficult to diagnose just from their symptoms. You may notice lameness, reluctance to work, and a change in behavior.

We’d love to hear about your experiences with Lyme, please share them with us to help us recognize and avoid this unpleasant disease!



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2 thoughts on “5 Ways to Know if You Have Lyme Disease

  1. This was a very good summary of Lyme, Hadrien. I have had six horses with Lyme and each presented differently–from what seemed to be laziness (he was still supple) to a generalized full-body stiffness. Coincidentally, I am off to Acton Medical because I have a deer tick head embeded by my collarbone. And in the last eight hours it has gotten quite swollen with that charming little bullseye around it. So, it will be doxy–again–for me!

  2. Perhaps Lyme is becoming more common than I thought! I’m glad you noticed that tick early on, better to treat it sooner rather than later.

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