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5 Tips to Get Rid of Rain Rot

Fall is here, and so is Rain Rot. Rain Rot is an infection of the skin that usually develops in damp environments. Here are a few tricks and tips to avoid and treat Rain Rot on your horse.

5 Tricks and Tips
1) Find it early by running your hand on your horse’s body and noticing the small bumps. The bumps are the horse’s skin beginning to scab, which will lead to the loss of hair.
2) Avoid spreading it to other horses and animals by sharing equipment. This includes everything from blankets to brushes.
3) Keep your horse dry. Avoid using ointments on the scabs since ointment often holds moisture.
4) Remove the rain rot crusts, which can be done with vigorous grooming. It is said that rain rot is neither itchy or painful for horses, but should be taken care of to avoid other more serious infections. The actual removal of the crust can bother horses though, so do be careful.
5) Treat the infected area with medicated shampoo. You can find these shampoos at almost any tack shop.

Rain Rot

Rain Rot



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