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Natural Horsemanship Lead Ropes: which to choose?

Pat Parelli uses a twelve foot lead rope. Clinton Anderson uses a fourteen foot lead rope. There are twist snaps and bull snaps, does it even matter?

Here are some key things to consider when purchasing a lead rope.

Length of Rope – The more rope you have, the more you have to lug around. If you have a tendency to trip over things, I’d go for the shorter, 12 foot, lead rope. If you have a bigger horse, I’d go for at least a 14 foot lead rope. I was lunging this big draft horse with a short rope one day. I was holding the rope on the very tip because I wanted to give the horse a bigger circle. Low and behold, the horse decided to take off and all I could do was hang on as tight as I could. The end result: I got dragged on my belly across the arena. Moral of the story: if you have a bigger horse, you may want to consider a longer rope. Your horse will be happier to have a bigger circle to lunge on. Plus, you will also have some extra lead rope to work with in case your horse takes off, saving you from being dragged in the dust.

The Snap – Another fun thing to choose is the kind of snap. You usually get a choice between twist snaps and bull snaps. I would pick a bull snap because it is much easier to take on and off the halter. Twist snaps have a tendency to get stuck and I do not know of any advantages they offer. Stainless steel is king as it does not rust, but nickel (silver) and brass (gold) are cheaper and also good choices.

The Color – The most important part perhaps? If you tend to lose things, I’d go for a super bright lead rope. If not, darker colors do a nice job making your lead rope look clean even when it isn’t.

For those of you wondering what’s different about a Natural Horsemanship lead rope over a regular lead rope, they are made of a rope material that is heavy duty and that will last a long time. They are weighed, which means better control of the rope, better transfer of energy from your hand to the horse, and a lower risk of getting tangled. These ropes also have a leather popper on the end, which comes in handy if you ever need it to be assertive with your horse.

We welcome you to check out our custom made lead ropes, and feel free to ask us any questions. If you would like a custom rope that is not listed on our website, send us an e-mail or give us a call and we’ll try our best to make it happen for you.



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2 thoughts on “Natural Horsemanship Lead Ropes: which to choose?

  1. Faith Martin on said:

    Oh my gosh! My boyfriend just purchased your Kit that I suggested to him! WE opened it and I was simply amazed at how awesome it is! Incredible quality! Very nice! I’m so jealous because I am using a stuff from Parelli that I purchased about 10 years ago! So I’m going to buy a kit too! I just have to double check size first. I ride a Friesien, but his head really isn’t much larger than a large quarter horse. So, I will check w my boyfriends halter first and then order! Thank you for having such a quality product at an affordable price! I will pass it on!

  2. Glad you like it! Sounds like a regular sized halter will fit your horse. Feel free to get in touch anytime if you have any questions!

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