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What’s an Indian Hackamore?

A hackamore is like a bridle with no bit, but what’s an Indian Hackamore? First, let’s understand how hackamores work. Since there is no bit, the pressure from pulling on the reins of a hackamore goes elsewhere. Different hackamores are designed differently, but it is typical for the pressure to be applied on the noseband.

An Indian Hackamore has reins connected to it on both sides. When you pull on both reins, the noseband presses down on your horse’s nose, signaling them to slow down or stop. In addition, it tightens the chin strap, causing discomfort if ignored.

Watch our video to see how an Indian Hackamore works in action:

Happy Thanksgiving everybody!



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One thought on “What’s an Indian Hackamore?

  1. very interesting thank you ! and the pony is very cute 🙂

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