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Natural Horsemanship Trainer Spotlight: Tim Hayes

What’s the most important thing to your horse? Tim Hayes, a renowned horse trainer, explains that safety is the single most important thing to horses. Being prey animals, horses constantly worry about what can eat them or hurt them. The list is long, including predators and falling trees. Once a horse feels safe, a horse wants to feel comfortable, says Tim. Once safety and being comfortable are achieved, a horse wants to know where he or she stands in the herd hierarchy.

It is important for us to take the position of leadership with our horses. Afterall, having a 1000 pound plus animal calling the shots is not very safe. Tim Hayes establishes his role as a leader with his horses, and he also teaches people how to do the same with their own horses. Tim teaches his students various groundwork exercises to establish trust and respect, defining their place as the leader with their horse.

Tim Hayes is a full time teacher and clinician. His method was developed through years of experience and a strong desire to learn with an open mind. Tim tells us “ My journey in Natural Horsemanship has blessed me with learning directly from some of the greatest teachers in the world. My goal is to pass on what I was taught and encourage everyone to keep an open mind, investigate and discover for themselves the phenomenal things you can do with horses using the methods of Natural Horsemanship.”

Horse Whisperer Tim Hayes
Tim is holding a Natural Horsemanship Demo with free admission on Sunday, January 29th, in Old Lyme Connecticut. I am planning on going myself, I encourage anyone who is interested to come hang out.

To learn more about Tim Hayes, including his clinics, visit his website



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3 thoughts on “Natural Horsemanship Trainer Spotlight: Tim Hayes

  1. Marking my calendar now! Thanks for the heads-up!

  2. Great, hope to see you there!

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