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Letting Your Horse Be A Horse

By Hadrien Dykiel

Mojito, the incredibly easy-going 3 year old gelding we adopted from a rescue last summer, started misbehaving all of a sudden. He did not let us put on his bridle or pick out his feet. Undersaddle, he tried to run around as fast as he could and not stay on the track. What happened?

Let’s go back to 2 weeks ago. Mojito got kicked near his stiffle by another horse. The result was staples to close up the wound and a solitary paddock with no exercise. So for two weeks he was by himself without his usual horse buddies or his rider, stuck in a tiny paddock.

It was no surprise he was acting like a goof when we started working with him again! I have seen this happen over and over with horses. The solution is to let your horse be a horse.

Horse Running

Mojito, by Anne Dykiel

Once Mojito was healed, we turned him out with another horse, Cyy. Mojito went off cantering around the field, happy as a clam. I saw him out in the paddock playing with Cyy, rearing up and biting each other. We also took Mojito out on the trail, which he came back from tired but happy.

Mojito is now back to his normal self, an incredibly mature and well behaved young horse. Turn out, socializing with other horses, and trail rides are extremely important to horses. It gives them a chance to have fun and act like a real horse. Then, when it is time for them to work, they are much more willing to focus and make an effort.

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One thought on “Letting Your Horse Be A Horse

  1. This is a great post and really made me think.

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