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Training Your Horse to Stand Still to Mount

By Hadrien Dykiel

When I get on a horse, I like getting on with my hand on the buckle and not worry about my horse walking off.

It’s very simple to train your horse to stand still for mounting. Every time your horse walks forward, back him or her up. Don’t rush getting on, make sure you can mount slowly and have your horse wait. I will put my foot in the stirrup and wait there for a while. Then I will hop on, leaving my foot in the stirrup, but not swing my other leg over. Finally, I will sit on the horse. If at any point the horse walks forward, I dismount and back them up.

How to Mount a Horse

Teaching Missy to Stand Still While Mounting

Make sure your horse knows how to back up well on the ground before doing this!

Here is a good video I found from trainer Larry Trocha explaining this exercise:

This method works really well for rude or impatient horses. We will share another neat way to teach your horse to stand still, which works particularly well for nervous horses, in another post.


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