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Safer Trail Riding – Carrying a Hoof Pick/Knife

By Hadrien Dykiel

I was riding my friend’s horse, Elementa, a black Andalusian Saddlebred cross, when all of a sudden we took a wrong turn and ended up in the bushes. I thought it was funny, until Elementa’s legs got caught in vines and she fell to the ground.

Black Horse

"Elementa" Photo by Anne Dykiel

Thankfully, Elementa was extremely good and waited quietly while I worked around her trying to get her untangled. After what seemed much too long, Elementa was able to stand back up and get out of the bushes. That day, I wish I had a pocket knife with me. What took me 10 minutes with my hands to free Elementa could have taken me less than one minute with a knife.

You never know when something like that will happen, that’s why I always try to go out on the trail with a knife. Similarly, it’s also handy to have a hoof pick in case something gets stuck in my horse’s feet.

Because I think it is such an important tool, I decided to sell a combo hoof pick pocket knife in my store

I end up using the hoof pick often because I can never find an actual hoof pick around the barn. The knife also comes in handy for cutting bale strings and such.

Overall, I really like this knife. It’s well built and made of stainless steel. The hoof pick is very unique. You can use it like a regular hoof pick to pick out the hoof, or you can scoop/scrape the dirt out. It has a locking mechanism so that it will not accidentally close on your fingers while you are using it. The drawback to that is that it is difficult for some people to close. I had several people test it out, and some found closing it was a little tricky. I had no problems with it, but I am used to it.

Check out the Hoof Pick Knife Combo on our website and stay safe out there.

Happy trails!


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