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E&M Natural Horsemanship Equipment – where it comes from

Where does Natural Horsemanship equipment come from? Our custom made gear comes from our friends Elaine and Mark down in North Carolina, who handcraft it themselves. Read their bio to learn more about how your training equipment is made:

“E&M Natural Horse training is a wholly owned subsidiary of E&M Services LLC. E&M was started in 1995 in Ormond Beach Florida as a computer services company by Mark and Elaine Gardner (E&M starting to make sense now?). The company serviced accounts for the space industry, universities and municipal government. Putting fiber optic connectivity into place for city government and space launch complexes, as well as building and installing servers and workstations, was the mainstay of the business for many years. During that time, Mark and Elaine were horse owners and trainers in their (next to non-existent) free time. In 2000, work sent them to the space coast of Florida, specifically Cape Canaveral. There, they lived aboard their boat and continued working with horses on the side. While boarding their horses at a stable in nearby Cocoa they were introduced to the natural method of horse training. They spent the next few years learning and training using that method. In the meantime they purchased a sailboat and sailed the Florida coast from Daytona to the Keys. While on those trips Mark learned the skill of splicing rope. In 2005 the decision was made to begin manufacturing horse training equipment, thus the beginning of E&M Natural Horse Training. The business began with a good natured argument about buying a 200 foot spool of rope (the company now uses around ten 600 foot spools a month). The unique combination of horse training skills and yacht rigging put Mark and Elaine in the right position for such a business opportunity. Given that the two disciplines rarely meet, they were well suited for the challenge.E&M Natural Horse Training

Mark and Elaine now live in a land-locked region of North Carolina and plan to stay in the tack business as long as nature will allow. When asked about the business Mark made the following comments: “We build our equipment to last, I do everything as though it was going to be used on an ocean going vessel. In other words I build the stuff as if life may need to depend on it. I have no intention of getting out of this business any time soon, I’ll probably still be splicing lines well after I’m eligible for Social Security and Medicare.””

E&M equipment is the first equipment AllHorseStuff began selling, and we’re proud of it!


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