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Mistreated Horse in Need of Rehabilitation

By Juliane Dykiel

Rescue Draft Horse


Last Wednesday I went back down to CT Draft Rescue in East Hampton, CT, to visit the rescue horse that my brother and I will be taking into foster care this summer. I have started a rescue horse project within his company AllHorseStuff and this is part of our training program.

“Coal” in a 9 year old Percheron cross. I can only imagine what happened to him in the past, but if you watch this video, you will see what human cruelty has done this poor animal’s psyche. His current trainer Dave has been making great progress with him but doesn’t have to time to give this horse the one-on-one attention he needs.

Once we have rehabilitated Coal and trained him as a riding horse (Dave has already started him under saddle, but he needs to get a lot more training under his belt), we are hoping to find him a forever home. He would need an experienced horse person in case some of his issues remain with him, but he is worth it. He is a stunning animal and a beautiful mover.

A great help would be to go to and give us a donation. Coal eats a bale of hay a day and lots of grain. We will have to pay for board, farrier bills, and any other expenses out of our own pocket, and we are both college students. We are already struggling but want to give this horse the chance that he deserves.

Passing this video along to every compassionate horse person that you know would also be a great help. We need all the help that we can get.

You can sign up for this blog or “LIKE” us on Facebook at to keep track of Coal’s story, and to keep track of your donation. Thank you for taking the time to read this and view the video.

You can e-mail me at my work e-mail,, for more questions on this matter.

Juliane Dykiel


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