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Teach Your Horse To Side Pass On The Ground

By Hadrien Dykiel

Have you ever envisioned training your horse to side pass?

If so, follow these 2 step by step exercises and pretty soon your horse will know how to side pass on the ground. In addition to increasing respect and control, teaching your horse to side pass on the ground will make teaching him side passing under saddle a breeze.

Part One: Side Passing on the Ground with a Fence in Front

Part Two: Side Passing on the Ground with no Fence

As with almost any horse training exercise, there are some important principles to remember when training your horse.

1) Break it down – before you learn how to divide, you need to learn addition and subtraction. Horses are the same way. Try to be creative and break down exercises into as many little steps as you can. If you do, gluing the pieces together will be easier for your horse.

2) Increase pressure gradually – use rhythm and be consistent. Make sure you release the pressure immediately as soon as your horse makes an effort.

3) Keep your horse thinking – keep them focused, calm, and interested. Do not overwhelm them. A little bit of stress can help them learn, too much will scare them and turn their mind off.

4) Set them up for success – before asking your horse to perform an exercise, make sure you have taught your horse that exercise in a safe and controlled environment.

To get the same training equipment I was using in the video, go to our store

Best of luck with your training, please feel free to leave us comments or questions!


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4 thoughts on “Teach Your Horse To Side Pass On The Ground

  1. Sandy Timmons on said:

    I find your method easy to understand and gentle.gentle .. low stress for me and my mustang.

  2. I am so eager to try this with my horse. I think he will respond greatly to this hes 15 years old and still acts like he is 3 at times. Any tips on how to get him to stop wanting to go to gates and be focused on nothing but the ride. Or any tips on how to greatly improve his stepping skills? he is very clumsy

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